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Raging Pencils Comic
How to create a grassroots political movement.

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Long Comic. Short Rant. Go Figure.

david kochNever heard of the Koch family and how they're throwing huge, teabag-shaped monkey wrenches into your political system? Then go read Jane Mayer's eyebrow-raising New Yorker article about the brothers Koch.


Now, once you've read the article and you feel like doing something about, here's a list of Koch-manufactured products you can begin to boycott.

Happy shopping!


I'm not kidding about the Tea Partiers being racist. Take a look at this:

That's Dale Robertson, head of the Houston Chapter of the Tea Party. Not any longer, though. He still runs, or so I'm told. It is not a happy place.


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

How to create a GRASS ROOTS Political Movement

(Step One) Inherit a vast oil fortune.
And to my son I bequeath my vast oil fortune.
Great, just as long as it doesn't interfere with my drinking and whoring.

(Step Two) Finance regional gatherings of closet racists.
Okay, one more time. Repeat after me... "Muslim". "N**ggar."

(Step Three) Give group a catchy name
family at dinner: I'm calling them the Tea Baggers.
Dad, there's something you ought to know....

(Step Four) Call in a favor to Rupert Murdoch
O'Reilly: Welcome to the Bill O'Tea-Bagger Report.
Murdoch: Happy now?
Koch: It's a start.

(Step Five) Financially back Tea-Baggers for public office, the higher the bat-shit crazy quotient, the better. (Buck: I don't wear high heels. Paul: Crippled people are spoiled. Bachmann: Death panels will kill your granny! Angle: Fluoride is a communist plot.)

(Step Six) Act surprised when Americans finally get tired of your disregard for the political system and tar-and-feather your ass.
Koch: "I'm not unaware of the irony here."

(Step Seven) Enjoy the fruits of your labors as a brand-new political party appears. The "Corporations Can Bite My Shiny Pink Ass" party.