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Atheist is such an unfriendly word.

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The Hole Enchilada

Saint Courtney LoveThere are many people in this world who consider me impious, who dwell under the misconception that I lack spiritual values but they, my good friends, are wrong. For, you see, I fervently and faithfully believe in the gospel of Hole, the alt-rock band fronted by Saint Courtney Love. The love of Love got under my celebrity skin. I need her divine guidance and I ask for it often. You haven't really lived until you've lived through this.

Love's got the music and the music is in me. I am hole at last. Halleleujah!

Unfortunately, there are those who do not accept the divinity of Hole, but those people are aholes. In fact, 99.9999999% of people on Earth are aholes. Everyone, that is, except me. So far

BTW, I realize this sounds vaguely insulting but it's not my fault. The use of English simply dictates that to create a new noun you must find a word that describes something completely contradictory and then slap an "a" on its front. A democrat is, for instance, an arepublican. A vegetarian is an acarnivore. See? Easy-peasy.

So no matter if you're theist or atheist simply accept Hole as your personal savior and forevermore be defined by what you are rather than by what you aren't. Hole or ahole. The choice is yours.


evil googleI've been searching for a replacement for Google ads on this site as I'm not too keen on Google's "utopian" vision for the future of the 'net. For the past couple of weeks I tried Infolinks, which you might have noticed by its modus operandi, which is to scatter chartreuse, double-underlined links throughout the text on the site.

In a nutshell, the results were dismal and they were butt-ugly to boot, so I ditched them. Stay tuned for whatever appalling beggar's box I install next.


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Today's Google Chow.

Interviewer: I see you neglected to mark your religious preference. Are you an atheist?

Me: No, ma'am, I'm an amerchant of fear intimidating the gullible with the threat of eternal damnation for minor sins in order to drain their bank accounts while pederasty runs rampant among the priests and clerics-ist.

Interviewer: Oooh-kay. We'll just mark that as "other".