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Howls of Derision

yowling catsD
o you know why the conservative media is wailing like constipated cats in heat over this New York mosque? It's so that when President Obama says, as he inevitably did, "Get a grip, twerps. Everyone has a right to their religion in this country", the Right Wing Noise Machine would have a nasty little pro-moslem sound-bite to pummel your senses with 24/7 come late October/early November. That's it. That's all.

But no matter what the Right Wing screams just remember that this is America and our Constitution not only ensures that shrines to self-glorified narcissism can unctuously squat on each street corner but it's also tax-free, baby! Glory hallelujah!

It would certainly be a much quieter world if more of us agreed with Saint John Lennon's sensible notion of "Above us only sky."


This particular comic is not exactly boffo laughs, unlike all the rest of my cartoons <heh>, but the subject matter was so richly ludicrous I just had to make mention of it.

Louie Gohmert is a real person, an actual congressman from my poor, beleagured home state of Texas and, yes, he's really trying to scare people about "terror babies". What's next, terror kitties? Terror budgies? Terror terriers?

Gohmert is famous for other stunningly goofy ideas. A mere three weeks after Mr. Obama was elected president Mr. Gohmert proposed that the income tax be suspended. Uh, yeah.

In 2009 he compared homosexuality to bestiality, then claimed that without Biblical teaching in our schools we would end up with another Hitler... forgetting that little Adolf himself was raised on the Good Book. (After all, where do you think he got all his best ideas?)

This July he sponsored a bill that would green-light an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. Three guesses how that went over.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I'm sure we'll hear from old Louie again real soon.


shoved down my throatI realize this is going to be unpopular, but...

I saw Inception this weekend. I was really looking forward to it but I gotta say that I wasn't that impressed (Quelle horreur!) and I'll tell you why.

The plot, and I'm not giving much away here as you've probably already heard it from a zillion other sources, involves groups of people invading another person's dreams for, shall we say, nefarious purposes. There is much conflict between opposing factions within these dreams, almost all of which achieve elements of resolution through the use of <groan> gunplay.


I went in expecting a big-budget Primer. What I got was high-concept Bonnie and Clyde. When a movie uses more bullets than words, and this one used a lot of bullets, then you can be pretty sure it fails the Francois Truffaut sniff test.

As for the main concept itself, I don't know what kind of dreams you have, but my unconscious mind is capable of outrageous levels of fantasy. I'm pretty certain that if I became aware of intruders skulking about my slumbering noggin I'd combat them with something more unusual than a measly shotgun or brace of AK-47s. Giant, flying, atomic mermaids firing laser-guided Bengal tigers from their nostrils at 5000 rounds-per-minute would've been a good start.

After that, things might get a little silly.

This movie is not unlike The Matrix, not just because they both take place in the realm of one person's mind, but also in the way they rely heavily on standard, off-the-shelf weaponry to drive the action in an environment we reckon should be capable of anything.

Repeat anything.

They both also have plot holes big enough to drive a giant atomic mermaid through. But the play's the thing, right?

The reason for this follow-the-numbers approach is easy to comprehend.. the average movie-goer likely isn't mentally capable of enduring 120 minutes of pure, unadulterated fantasy delivered at breakneck speed. It would inevitably induce waves of motion-sickness-related nausea or something quite like it. And while cascades of projectile-spewed Junior Mints and Gummi Bears would unpleasantly enhance every element of the sensory experience I'm pretty sure that management might view sluicing-out the theaters every two hours as more than a waste of their already thinly-stretched resources. Unless of course here's a ready market for bargain-rate predigested confectionery that I am heretofore not aware of.

To be fair, there were moments when the director of the film approached levels of pure awesomeness in creativity, but those moments were few and far between. And filled with hot, flying lead.


--------- -

Then on Saturday night I rented Kick Ass. Best dollar I spent all month. Check it out.


end rant

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The Incredible Shrinking Brain

He: Hey, it says here that our brains have shrunk about 10% in the past 5,000 years, that it's directly attributed to rising population density.

She: But... that means the more children we have the less discriminating our society will become.

He: Appears so.

She: You know, that would explain a lot.

He: Oh, yeah? Like What

Pope: Be fruitful and multiply. And make those checks out to 'cash'.