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Raging Pencils Comic
27 million year extinction cycle

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If you look right below this mini-rant you'll see that I've added a new Comments section. I just figgered it was about high time you folks had a voice here, too.

It's open to anyone, no registration required, but all comments will be moderated. But don't fret, little trolls. As long as you have a valid opinion about the comic itself your message will be shared with millions across the internet, but just don't expect instant gratification.

Have fun!


Oh, and about today's comic... I was fascinated to read recent studies revealing that mass extinctions of life on Earth have mysteriously occurred about once every 27 million years, and no one knows why. As you can see, I found the idea startlingly close to the human female menstrual function of flushing away the old and starting over every 27 whatevers. But, of course, that's just pure coincidence, right?


We're currently right in the middle of one of those cycles so, on the bright side, we have about 11 millions years to figure out the problem before we all go "poof".


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Mars: "Why so irritable today, Agnes? Oh, don't tell me..."
Earth: "You guessed it. Every twenty-seven million years, regular as clockwork, another extinction event for good old Mother Earth. Sigh. I'm getting too old for this crap. Gin!"
Venus: "That's nothing, honey. Let me tell you about my hot flashes."

Caption: Everyone had heard quite enough about Venus' frickin' hot flashes.