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Body or Brains?

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Ding-Dong School

've been seeing a lot of charts and graphs in web comics these days. Some are humorous, some not. I began feeling a little left out so I made this one for myself:

bell curve


On a more serious and therefore boring note, did you know that in almost every mid-term election ever held in this country the party in power lost legislators? I believe that only twice has the reverse been true, that the party in power actually gained congressmen in a mid-term. The reason this happens is because there's always a little buyer's remorse on the behalf of the electorate, plus the smaller party is more hungry for the win and therefore works a bit harder.

That explains why the Republicans, and their little doppelgangers the Tea Party-ers, have been espousing such ridiculous ideas lately. They know from historical mathematics they can ride the coattails of relative disinterest on the part of the Democrats. Even if only one of them get elected on a platform of paying for medical bills with chickens or killing Social Security they can claim it's "the will of the people" and Fox News will never shut up about it.

So pay attention this fall and make a reasoned decision in November. We need all the help we can get these days.


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Today's Google Chow.

Baby Heaven:
Angel to baby: "Soon you'll meet your new mommy and daddy, but as our final gift to you, you may have your choice between a killer body or remarkable brains."

Operating Room:
Word balloon originating from mother's loins. "Brainnnnnnns".
Doctor: "Nurse? Shotgun."