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What's That Stench?

Joe asswipe bartonI
considered, ever so briefly, creating a comic featuring the amazing Joe Barton, but that lilly gilds itself. I think the image of "Fartin'" Joe Barton stuffing his gullet with the equivalent of an entire glee club's allotment of feet while in the process of defending poor widdle old British Petroleum from those mean old senators is going to stick in the public memory for some time to come.

However, keep in mind that the spew of corporate-funded sewage that cascaded gaily over Barton's tongue today is not just his opinion, it's the heart and soul of the Republican party. Working for the people only pays $165,000 a year, but working for corporations is the golden goose on steroids. So screw you and your little Gulf of Mexico. Capiche?

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that back in 2006 the Senate passed the Combating Autism Bill with overwhelming support only to see Mr. Barton refuse to allow it to be released from committee, resulting in its defeat. So screw you and your little brats, too.

In the end I suppose thanks are in order to Mr. Barton  for pulling back the curtain and revealing for all to see the hulking figure of Big Oil pulling on all those congressional strings, the thickest of which emanates directly from Barton's backside.


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Title: Flavours I wish Tootsie Pops would make:

Melange, Thelonious Monk, Flight, Goodnight Moon, Scent of My Mother, Christmas, Orgasm, Acceptance of the Inevitable, Hope & Change, Children's Laughter, The Big Bang, Favorite Sneakers, Clear Blue Skies, Dreamless Sleep, Watermelon Sugar, The Day I Met You.