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Raging Pencils Comic
Sibling rivally in the Yahweh household.

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Slice O' Life

What? Not that kind of god parents? Oh.A
s far as we can tell over 80% of the known universe is composed of dark matter. That means you and me and all the planets and all the stars and generally anything else that's detectable is basically a cosmic afterthought. The universe is a whole lot of dark matter... and us.

That information viewed through the lens of religion reveals a very sloppy Creator. After all, when you make soup you gather only enough ingredients for the dish and get cooking. In God's case he evidently made a pot of oatmeal and then threw in a side of beef to spice it up.

So, really, the Bible should begin "And God said, Let there be dark." Because there is dark... lots of it.

This comic also points to one of my central questions about modern Catholicism. Namely, from whence did our favorite little Hairy Thunderer originate?

I'm in that corner that tends to believe he had a mummy and a daddy just like you and me else how could he understand human nature as well as he does? That's nurture at work there, baby, not nature.

And he had to have some practice at whupping up entire universes as even all-powerful deities can't always get it perfect the first time.

Hell, look at us.

If you think about it, our entire existence could be dependent on some busy work God's mom foisted upon him to keep his mind off girls. It was either fabricate the whole of creation... or model trains.


I just spent the past two days on the cell phone fuming in impotent rage at AT&T because I made the horrible mistake  of attempting to improve my internet fortunes.

The lads in the ordering department neglected to tell me that my land-line would be disconnected during the process so when things went wrong, and BOY did they go wrong, I got to watch the cell-phone meter run at ten cents a minute for the next six hours, over two days, as a string of multi-level nincompoops fiddled witlessly with gadgets at Bonehead Central.

I swear that the entire time on the phone I was muttering to myself "My name is Inigo Montoya. You have killed my internet connection. Prepare to die."

Currently I'm back online but the new VOIP set-up, a "feature" of U-Verse, has a perverse tendency to (A) refuse to accept calls from Verizon (Sorry, Pookums) or (B) drop every other word of a conversation.

It's been frustrating enough that I've seriously considered migrating to another provider but, here in Dallas, AT&T has a sweet little monopoly going for them.

Now pardon me while I go chew on a table leg.


One more thing:


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Today's Google Chow.

Caption: Sibling rivalry was in full throat in the Yahweh residence.

Kevin: "Only losers build their universes using dark matter, lo-o-o-o-ser!"

God: "Well, at least mine has life on one of its planets, fag!"

Peggy: "Mommmm! God called Kevin a fag!"