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What A Silly Bunt

earth goes boomJohn Cleese once said something to the effect that TV stations were unable to play Monty Python's Flying Circus preceding the news because no one was able to take it seriously after a full hour or half-hour of the Python's inspired nuttery.

That quote sprang to mind when Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox News, was recently asked to defend the dismal performance of the Glenn Beck show.

In case you don't know, Beck has lost 30% of his audience since the first of this year and is running virtually without advertising support as his inflamed rhetoric has scared off all but the most "As Seen On TV-iest" variety of sponsor.

"We're not subsidizing [The Glenn Beck Show] at all," said Mr. Murdoch, "He gives a terrific kick-off to the Fox News line-up."

Now let's consider what Mr. Murdoch just said with Mr. Cleese's quote in mind.

Fox News not only wants but apparantly NEEDS someone like Beck to liquify the neo-cortex of its viewer's brains before the various Fox talking heads appear at the top of each hour and begin spewing their special talking points, otherwise critical thinking might ensue.

Beck is the thin edge of the wedge issue, Propaganda 101, rohypnol lite.

Without Beck's unique brand of lubricant (Eww!) to buffer the impact we'd hear the popping of brain cases like so much popcorn each afternoon at 5PM, CST.

Come to think of it, that's even a better reason to ditch Beck.

I'll bring the butter.


end rant

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A blast from the carbonized past. The RP from 10-1-08.

obama says burn baby burn

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Today's Google Chow.

Patient on psychiatrist couch taking Rorschach test.

Patient: "I seeeee British Petroleum and Fox News gaming the media to shift blame for the Deepwater Horizon disaster onto the shoulders of the Obama administration... and a bunny.

Psychiatrist: "Alvays mitt der @#$! bunnies."