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Female homeless Iraq veteran comic.

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The Cartoon

I was driving home the other day listening to All Things Considered and they presented a story about how female war veterans traumatized by sexual abuse. It was all very sad, but the anecdote that intrigued me involved a woman vet who had a bumper sticker that read something like "Proud To Serve My Country". Each time anyone mentioned the sticker they would ask in which branch of the service her husband served, never even guessing that she might be a veteran.

I know I'd have been guilty of the same mistake so that's why I felt I had to draw this cartoon.


The New Ride

About twenty years ago I walked into an auction at a pawn shop and walked out with an Austro Daimler (nee Puch) A-D 10-speed, and a Yamaha 12-string guitar. I made the mistake of loaning the guitar to my brother as I never saw it again.

We do not talk of this. It's a brother thing.

The bike, however, has served me well all these years but it's starting to show its age. Besides, the A-D is more of a racing bike than a tourer so I went in search of something a bit more forgiving on the uneven terrain that haunts my neighborhood byways.

What immediately became clear is that prices for a good-quality bike these days are a bit steeper than I had anticipated. I mean like "Yikes!" higher. (Yes, I'm a cheap little bastard but I am, after all, Self-employed Artist Man and the pennies require, nay demand, constant pinching.)

However, after some researching I bought this:

scwhinn midmoor

It's a Schwinn Midmoor. Comfy, sturdy, relatively lightweight and, best of all, easy on the budget. It received nothing but good reviews on Amazon so I bought it there. Free shipping and no tax, too.

Yeah, sticking it to the man, baby!

I doubt I'll get 20 years out of it but I may not get 20 more years out of me, either. It'll be a matter of who rusts first although it seems I have an uncomfortably large head start.

PS, I know it seems a bit cheesey to be directing potential buyers to this bike but I really think it's a bargain.


fuck you George BushI hope you didn't miss the Daily Show's recent high-larious skewering of the Conservative right measuring President Obama's alledged mis-steps based on George Bush's catastrophic fuck-ups.

For example, actual Fox News footage has several talking heads (Not including Karl Rove, who is a talking asshole) proffering the following phrases:

Obama's Katrina
Obama's 9-11
Obama's Enron
Obama's Iraq
Obama's "Mission Accomplished"
Obama's "My Pet Goat"
Obama's "Heckuva job"
Obama's Harriet Miers

They even tossed in a few "Obama's recession" bombs just for good measure.

Niggah, please.

So from now on when you hear such rhetoric from our friends on the Right remember that they're not really trashing Mr. Obama, they're reminding you of the worst president in U.S. history... George "Yardstick" Bush.


end rant

Raging Pencils salutes the Mystery Readers of
Oostkamp, Belgium
Whoever you are, thanks for reading my literal little 'toon.

end rant

A blast from the competitive past. The RP from 9-19-08.

worst person in the world cartoon

end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Homeless woman on sidewalk. Cardboard sign next to her reads "Homeless Iraq veteran. Please help!"

Man: "I'll be happy to help, miss. Where is he?"