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A Glock In Every Pot

You want to know how gun-bozo we Americans are? Check this out:

american gu ownership.

Yes, that's almost one gun for every man, woman and child in this country, which is a lot of goddamn guns. When Yemen comes in second on the list, a country where owning a gun is a necessity just this side of water, salt or cable TV then you know we have a problem.

(BTW, this is just a partial list of countries. You can find the whole thing here.)

Not to put too fine a point on this but Yemen is close to becoming a failed state and its citizenry are so heavily-armed because it's every man for himself. We're not in the same tenuous situtation but we sure act like it when it comes to protecting our family and our 52-inch plasma screen TVs.

The third country on the list is Switzerland at a suspiciously high 50% adoption rate, but that's because every male that reaches the age of 18 is given a gun by the State to use, just in case. They apparently still have night sweats about their peculiar friends in Berlin, and who could blame them?

Currently we have groups around this country planning a million armed-man march on Washington. A million wacko's parading around, pretending they have some relevance just because they're in possession of a mechanism that can end the life of a fellow human. They say it's about saving our democracy but it's really about how much they hate having a black man in the White House. Guns make people think like that.

Personally, I think the march is a great idea. If we could convince the U.S. Air Force to drop a daisy-cutter on them half this country's problems would be solved. (Hey, live by the sword, etc.)

Time and time again I hear people say what a great country this is. If so, then why are so many of us prepared to kill each other at a moment's notice? We don't act like a society that has an abundance to share with one another, which we do, but more like we're all hanging on by the skin of our teeth to protect what little we have. At the very least we shouldn't have to own guns just to protect ourselves from other people that own guns. That's craziness.

We've all grown up swaddled in gun culture, nursed at the teat of Smith & Wesson, led to believe it's our god-given right to wield hot death. But it's clear that firearms have become a cancer on our souls and on our society. You may believe that your .357 man-tool is all that stands between you and your particular vision of democracy, against imagined fascists and nazis, but that logic didn't work out so well for the Hutarees, did it? A million of you just makes a bigger target for the military to aim at.

And, yes, I know this commentary is just so much spitting into the wind because we all like guns. GOD how we love guns, but we also like 454 Hemis and processed foods and cheap meat and bottled water and cocaine/meth/crack and driving species to the brink of extinction, but there's a point where one has to look beyond his or her tiny self-interested sphere of influence and begin making decisions that ultimately make a positive change on this world.

It's possible to live in a world without guns. Other people do it ever day. Just read the list.


end rant

Raging Pencils salutes the Mystery Readers of
Heilbronn, Germany
Whoever you are, thanks for reading my bodacious little 'toon.

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A blast from the misinterpreted past. The RP from 1-30-08.

leprosy ridden hands
The curse of not reading the 2nd Amendment closely enough.

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