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Yes! I Said Polo Ponies!

Darwin, his Daughter and human evolutionI have mentioned this before but I recently went to see "Creation", the new movie about Charles Darwin, and was in intrigued enough by the unusual angle they took on his life to read the book the movie was based on. It's called "Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution" by Randal Keynes.

Far from a clinical, blow-by-blow account of his divination of the theory of evolution, the book was primarily about the emotional and physical toll it took on Darwin as he progressed determinedly forward, putting all the pieces tgether.

Just imagine if you will a society, even one as enlightened as 18th century England, where religion still plays a fundamental role in almost every facet of everyday existence. Now imagine your own wife, the woman you love and cherish above all others, woefully concerned about your eternal soul as you construct your evolutionary diagram, possibly dooming yourself to the fiery pit. Now factor in the excruciating death of a beloved daughter to a senseless disease, the kind they simply wrote off as a "mystery of God". That sort of thing can lead to many sleepless nights, just as it did for Mr. Darwin.

It's funny how we have this mental image of men of science arriving at their "Ah-HA!" moment divorced of all petty intrusions like mowing the lawn or taking the kids to the park. It's so clean and neat, not unlike the beginning and ending dates in history books of wars fought long ago.

Anyway, that's why I created today's comic. It's clear to me that human civilization would be so much more, well, civilized if it wasn't so poisoned by those who believe in invisible people in the sky watching our every movement. Of course those very same people believe that our society is as advanced as it is precisely because of religion. Those people are, in my opinion, a waste of good DNA.

The cartoon is also semi-biographical as I was once married to that woman in the first panel, but I'm currently favored by the affection of the woman in the second panel. Even though it's just a silly little cartoon, and not the theory that binds all Earthly creatures together, I probably would not, or could not, have drawn it had I still been manacled to Woman #1.

To sum it up, Charles Darwin had balls the size of polo ponies.


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A blast from the apoplectic past. The RP from 5-7-08.

the evolution of Karl Rove

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The Deist Meet-up:
Woman: Oh, I guess I'm like most girls. Ideally, I'm seeking for a mate who will, regardless of his existing parochial construct, at least initially acquiesce to my arbitrary spiritual value system. Naturally I'll use my faith as a bludgeon to keep him and any children in line but eventually my family will abandon me to my faith and I'll spend my final days sending checks to televangelists and dying cold and alone.

The Secular Meet-up
Woman: Hey! How about them Yankees? Think I'll have the pasta.