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From the Mouth of Boobs

david frumDavid Frum, former speechwriter for president Bush, the guy who wrote all those speeches Mr. Bush employed to lead us into war in Iraq, the dude responsible for "Axis of Evil", has recently admitted that the Republican party is not only in cahoots with Fox News, but that Fox News calls all the shots.

So if you swallow every breathless, alarmist pronouncement which spews from Fox News then you're getting your information from the very people who helped drive us into two fake wars, destroyed the economy and tried as hard as possible to keep Americans enslaved to the insurance companies.

It's too little, too late Mr. Frum. But thanks anyway.


the cannabis conspiracyAnd now, propaganda of a different sort.

You realize by now that marijuana is not the Devil's Perfume, that someone in the bowels of government has been fomenting a huge lie all these decades.

But why?

For an entertaining and enlightening peek behind the Schedule 1 curtain go check out Bryan Talbot's "The Cannabis Conspiracy". It's the story of hemp in comic book form, providing exactly the type of useful information that'll come in handy when Mom makes another secret raid on your underwear drawer.


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A blast from the momentous past. The RP from 4-30-08.

famous disasters

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Today's Google Chow.

Suburban home with a huge solar array on its roof that spells out the words "Screw Exxon".

Wife to husband: "Honey, it's the homeowner's association. They want to know where they can get one, too."