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global warmingThere's been way too much lampooning of scientifically climate change  (nee "global warming") as a result of the Snowpocalypse currently inundating our nation's capitol, led most gleefully by the evil minions of Fox News. Yes, it's cold and snowing and Al Gore is an idiot, yadda-yadda-fucking-yadda. But here's something you may not know...

January 2010 was, globally, the hottest month in recorded history. (Addendum: As was the following February, March and April of 2010.)


Yes, we had a couple of cold fronts in the U.S. make the news this winter but they were statistically insignificant. Purely local phenomena.

How local?

Vancouver, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, doesn't have enough snow for the event. This is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada we're talking about. Weathermen there are referring to the climate as "spring-like"... in freaking February!

Update: It's 50 degrees today in Vancouver. Gonna be in the 50s through the weekend, too. Meanwhile, there's record snowfall in my home town of Dallas, Texas.

They're having to ship all the snow they can into the city via plane, truck and, presumably, carrier pigeon.

So, from now on, always use the phrase"climate change", boys and girls, because some retards find "global warming" just too difficult a concept to understand.


While researching this information I also stumbled upon the fact that sunspot activity has slowed down so much that it's almost nonexistent. No one knows what this means, either. I just hope it's not the Next Big Headache. We have too many of those already.


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A blast from the reeking past. The RP from 3-24-08.

Dick Cheney rewrites the Lord of the Rings

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Today's Google Chow.

Caption: If Roger Ailes (CEO of Fox News) had decided to practice medicine.

Dr. Ailes: "It says here that your lungs are riddled with tumors, but what do those elitist jerks at the American Cancer Society know? As for this liver of yours, you can ward off socialist organ harvesting with a studious bout of binge drinking."