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Getting high on Xmas.

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Blowed Up Real Good!

flipperWhen I was a kid they used to play public service announcements on TV featuring Flipper the dolphin, that wily king of the sea, warning kids not to play with blasting caps. These sucker's were in heavy rotation so blasting caps must have been some serious business.

Looking back I kinda wonder what the hell was going on with these things. Was the Magic Blasting Cap Hobo going from house to house, strewing his blight around neighborhoods too uptight to let him chop some firewood or scare the kids with his stories of knife-fights in the back of cattle cars?

All the PSA's did for me was encourage me to look for blasting caps on my own as I patrolled my 'hood. They had all sorts of potential, if you know what I mean. But, alas, I survived idiot-hood with all my fingers and eyes intact. Such is life.

I'd have loved to have shown you the Flipper PSA but even the mighty Youtube let me down. However, here's a similar commercial featuring baseball legend Willie Mays. It has it's own, uh, charm.


I was just alerted to a web site called It boasts a vast listing of syndicated and web-only comics and, once you've joined, you can create a list of your faves to view in one place instead of lurching all over the 'net.

Neat-o mosquito!

I was pleased to see that Raging Pencils is on the list and doing pretty well, comparatively speaking. In terms of readership it's up there with Hijinks Ensue, 9 Chickweed Lane and Tom the Dancing Bug. Very choice company indeed.

Anyway, check it out and, if you're so inclined, add Raging Pencils to your list. It'd mean a lot to old Lefty.


On the Third Day of Xmas Shopping my Reddit Secret Santa gave to meeeeeee:

marijuana horticultureMarijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible


Lastly, the song I'd originally intended to embed in the "Mike's iPod" section was "The Pause of Mr. Claus", by Arlo Guthrie, but a suitable version wasn't embeddable. If you enjoy the red-linky version then you might enjoy this preamble to the song, a wry look at the FBI.


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What's in Mike's iPod?
"The Wildwood Weed" by Jim Stafford

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