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Supreme? Not So Much Anymore.

slideLast January the Supreme Court, while ruling on a case about an attack video by a group of swift-boaters, unexpectedly ruled that corporations, as singular entities, can spend as much money as they please to back a political candidate.

That's not hyperbole. Johnson & Johnson, if they so choose, could buy every advertising minute on television and every daily newspaper ad-inch from here until November 2, trumpeting the Republican nimrod of their choice all the way.

As expected, corporate money is just now beginning to flood into Republican coffers. I'm talking millions and millions of dollars, and much of it is being used for media buys. Or, in Christine O'Donnell's case, hiring the same lawyers the Bush's used to cover their asses.

It's not hard to imagine what our government will look like once it's composed only of politicians bought and sold by the same companies that callously poison our oceans. You can actually see it at work right now. It's called the Republican Party.

This ruling by the Supreme Court is disastrous news for the individual because we're limited to donating $2400, total. But maybe there's a way around that limit:

(1) We could each incorporate ourselves becoming, for example, John Q. Public, Inc., and proceed to empty our bank accounts at will in support of our local progressives. It'll cost a couple of hundred bucks to become incorporated but at least you'll have the pleasure of naming your dog CEO in charge of Public Relations.


(2) We could start a single corporation called, say, Freedom From Corporate Enslavement, Inc. It will sell shares on the condition that no one expects to see a dime of profit and will subsequently plow all proceeds back into media buys for Democratic candidates. Once the election is over the corporation declares bankruptcy and dissolves itself. Two years later we start all over again.

I know this sounds like it makes a complete mockery of the elective process but no more so than the huge banana cream pie the five conservative clowns on the Supreme Court chucked in our faces last January.

What we urgently need is legislation that declares that only individuals can donate money to a campaign and then only to the person they'll actually be voting for, with the same $2400 limit applying universally.

That may make too much sense for Washington but one can hope.


Once again, the comic above wasn't what I originally intended today. I keep wanting to create epics and get half-way into them before the clock taps me on the shoulder and says "Asshole. What are you doing?"

Luckily, there's always a Plan B.


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Bonus Jonathan Coulton
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Progressive Wedding

Groom: "I, Herbert Squinkly, Inc. take you Melissa Masterblaster, LLC. to be my chairman of the board, to support progressive ideals, for better or for worse, in excess of the $2500 spending limit, from this day forward until Citizens United is finally overturned."