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Why vote Republican?

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Take A Look At This...

Wikileaks, map of deaths in Iraq

Wikileaks recently released secret military documents that recorded each and every death by U.S. forces in Iraq. They then fed the data into a Google map, a small part of the result you see here. Basically, each little red dot equals one Iraqi death.

Notice how evenly spaced they are? This isn't the record of a military conflict. This is cold-blooded, systematic, house-to-house murder.

If you'd like to see this much larger map in greater detail then click here for the Google map, which also provides details of each death.

Thank you, Wikileaks and thank you, Julian Assange.



Rally To Restore Sanity Comes Home!

Rally your ass off!

wanted, fervently, to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity rally this coming 30th of October, but three days, minimum, away from the office wasn't in the cards for me.

So I was elated to hear that the rally has metastacized, in a good way, and is now in almost every state in the union. In addition, several foreign sites are hosting their own rally, too.

The nearest rally to me is in Austin, Texas and currently there are about 3500 RSVPs. (Rumors that a Dallas rally is in the offing, too) But the word is spreading and the numbers are growing. Share this info with a friend or two, won't you?

To find the rally location nearest you go to

This is good news to a lot of people but, seriously, if you can make the Washington, D.C. event then please, by all means, go. Tell 'em Lefty sent ya.


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What's in Mike's Ipod?

"Misty" by Ray Stevens

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Today's Google Chow.

Homeless One: "I don't get it. The previous Republican administration didn't create jobs, protect this country from terrorist attack or regulate the very people who wrecked the economy. Why would you vote for them again?"

Homeless Two: "Because somewhere in this country a gay, Mexican housemaid might want an abortion."