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Raging Pencils Comic
Abusing the filibuster can make you go blind.

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This Is Cloture Country

You no doubt know that the Republicans have been using the filibuster at a record pace since President Obama was elected, right? You don't? Well, here's what I mean by "record pace":
cloture filibuster

See that tallllll brown line on the right-hand side of the graph? That's the G.O.P. throwing a monkey-wrench in everything. We're not talking baby-killing or building giant statues featuring Hilter breast-feeding Stalin, we're talking about funding the military, keeping kids healthy, making sure people have jobs. That kind of thing.

Conservative knot-heads always rejoin that the Dems stymied President Bush's judicial appointments.

Again, not even close.

Today, 41 Obama judicial nominees have been confirmed after an average wait time of 90 days, versus 78 GOP confirmations by this time in the Bush presidency with an average wait time of 22 days.

And there are currently 420 pieces of legislation passed by the House that the Republican Senate simply can't <Yawn> find the time to address. They're so busy keeping America safe from tyranny, you know.

The Republican stance is "If we can't have it our way we're taking our ball and going home." But it's not their ball, it's our ball. What they want is our ball, so the big cry-babies can take it home and keep it forever. And, with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and Citizens United, they just might.

So vote. It's important.

(Chart borrowed from Thanks guys.)


Rally To Restore Sanity Comes Home!

Rally your ass off!

wanted, fervently, to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity rally this coming 30th of October, but three days, minimum, away from the office wasn't in the cards for me.

So I was elated to hear that the rally has metastacized, in a good way, and is now in almost every state in the union. In addition, several foreign sites are hosting their own rally, too.

The nearest rally to me is in Austin, Texas and currently there are about 3500 RSVPs. (Rumors that a Dallas rally is in the offing, too) But the word is spreading and the numbers are growing. Share this info with a friend or two, won't you?

To find the rally location nearest you go to

This is good news to a lot of people but, seriously, if you can make the Washington, D.C. event then please, by all means, go. Tell 'em Lefty sent ya.


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Sign: Ex-Senator. Blind. Please help.

GOP elephant: "Mom kept warning me about abusing the old filibuster, but did I listen? NooOOoo. Who knew she was being euphemistic about my epic fapping jags?"