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The 5-to-4 decision.

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Pointing Fingers

seven pointy fingersA
s some of you may know I oftentimes wax splenetic on this very web site about the events of 9-11, turning a critical eye on the "official" explanations of what occurred that day.

Every now and again someone chances upon those rants and proceeds to take it upon themselves to toss the c-word at me. You know, "conspiracy" as in "Crap! Someone's reminding the sheep of the bloody obvious again. Better start framing them as kooks."

Every time these guys write in giving me grief, and it's inevitably men, I merely ask them to explain what happened to Building Seven. Whereupon I never hear from them again.


What's Building Seven? I'm glad you asked as it was totally left out of the 9-11 Report.

World Trade Center Tower 7 was among the seven main buildings destroyed that day. It housed a division of the SEC, which had an ongoing investigation into George W. Bush's questionable stock practices at Harken Energy, plus a branch of the IRS that was looking into irregularities at Enron.

The building suffered only superficial damage on 9-11 though several floors were on fire. At about 5PM that evening it dropped right into it's footprint, just as though it'd been imploded. Here's a link to an Italian news story on the collapse.

It might interest you to know that one televised BBC newscast reported that the building had collapsed even though you could see it still standing in the background of their shot. It's almost like the news crew been alerted that it was going to drop and got the time slightly wrong.


In fact, it was imploded, as the owner, Larry Silverstein, admitted in an interview. ("Pulled" is the technical term for imploding a building.)

Now think about that. It takes weeks to prepare a building properly for implosion and someone did it while the building was a "raging inferno" as news reports at the time erroneously reported. Where did the explosives come from? How did the explosive experts get there if the airlines weren't running and traffic was at a standstill?

Yes, it all stinks to high heaven.

The question I'm most asked by critics is how I could possibly believe our own government could possibly do this to its own people. Allow me to remind you of a few things:

(1) The invasion of Iraq was on false pretenses as there were no WMD's or biochemical laboratories. Both it and the invasion of Afghanistan were shell games to gain access to oil reserves and to waste trillions of tax dollars, all borrowed from Saudi Arabia and China, on contractors and friends in the military-industrial-petrochemical complex.

(2) In 2002, while everyone's eyes were fixed on Afghanistan, the Bush administration backed a failed coup against the government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. That country is now believed to have the largest oil reserves in the world. My, what a surprise. (It should be noted that Goldman Sachs specifically hailed the ascension of Pedro Carmona, the new president in the failed coup.)

(3) Bush tried desperately to tie Social Security to the stock market, which collapsed JUST as he was leaving office. (Hmm, I wonder where all those trillions of dollars would have gone? The pockets of Wall Street, natch.)

(4) The Bush administration rang up more debt than all other previous administrations put together.

(5) The Bush years left us with a Supreme Court that just today bestowed upon multinational corporations actual American personhood, and thus the ability to radically effect future American elections through almost unlimited funding of any kind of propagandizing electioneering it chooses. You think the Swift Boaters were bad? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

(Speaking of which, go sign Congressman Alan Grayson's petition to help staunch this atrocity before it does any real damage.)

The Bush administration and their pals were the biggest criminal organization in the history of mankind. And they had the help of countless others ready to do anything for a slice of this huge financial pie as greed trumps the Golden Rule every single time. These bastards see you, the hard-working, patriotic American, as just a chump, a walking ATM machine. They told you the Big Lie and you swallowed it, because to believe the alternative, the truth, was unthinkable.

Yes, I believe Cheney and his pals were behind the destruction that occurred on 9-11 and I always will.

Your eyes are no doubt glazing over by now but I'll be sharing more 9-11 info in later rants. Bank on it..


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Four women in conversation with four men.

Gals: "Sorry, but we're not interested in going out with you guys."
Geeks: "Ah! But you have to. We made a 5-4 decision."
Babes: "In that case, fine, but no sex."
Dorks: "Sorry, 5-4 decision, again.
Broads: "Okay, oral but no an-"
Nerds: "5-4!"

Caption: Who can argue with a system that works this perfectly?