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Sarah Palin? Really? oooh-kay.
Bear with a colostomy bag

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Musty TV

Cona ObrienI
am in an almost unique position in that I am one of the very few Americans who have never, ever watched an episode of the Tonight Show starring Jay Leno all the way through. I've honestly tried to watch it on several occasions but found its Lowest Common Denominator approach to the national funnybone to be about as engaging, interesting and innovative as the contents of a bear's colostomy bag. I was only too happy to snick back over to good old, reliably cranky Dave at the first possible opportunity.

So regarding the current imbroglio at NBC I'd like to offer the following opinion:

Fuck Jay Leno.

Seriously, the man made his decision six years ago to leave late-night television. It's over. Time for him to take that mutant gargantu-chin, the Fortress of Antique Vehicles, the mini-me and see what syndication has to offer.

The sad truth is that there's probably some marketing "genius" at NBC who's behind all this, who thinks any controversy is good publicity and that this spastic maneuvering will result in a favorable outcome for his network.

Instead, it's poison for everyone involved and NBC is quickly making itself the next GMC. If Leno really has as much integrity as his publicity department would have you believe then he'd step aside and let Conan, who's busy getting beaten handily by The Late Show, tend to his business and continue to find his audience.

While I'm venting about something I have very little capability to do anything about:

I enjoy David Letterman, always have, but it's time for him to move on, too, as his shtick is becoming annoyingly predictable. Johnny Carson at least had the decency to vacate the position before he died in the saddle and Letterman, famous for a heart condition, is just a ticking time bomb. It'd be a damn shame if his ticker gave out while he was intrviewing Paris Hilton or some other golem of retarded narcissism. Falling on your sword is suicide no matter how you look at it, and it's never pretty.

Being a talk show host shouldn't be a career, anyway. At least Steve Allen and Jack Paar thought so.

Who will replace Dave? Thankfully for us all, Fox snapped up Sarah Palin so we dodged that bullet.

Hope we don't have to wait another six years to find out.


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Whoever you are, thanks for reading my alien little 'toon.

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A blast from the reeking past. The RP from 4-2-08.

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Today's Google Chow.

Original cartoon.
Dweeb talking to bear at a bar.

Dweeb: "A bear, huh?. I've never met a real bear before. So tell me, do you guys really (heh-heh) poop in the woods?"

Bear: "Not since the colostomy, no."

Caption: Bruce wore the colostomy bag for two good reasons. One, to thwart the inevitable insulting questions and two, it was ironically the perfect place to stash his shit.