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Out On A Limb

happy new  year!

t's 2010 at last, and here are my Top Ten startling predictions for the coming year:

(1) Many people will die quiet, unspectacular deaths.
(2) A novel musical star will arise.
(3) A congressman will be caught in a sex scandal.
(4) Roger Ebert will piss off some fan boys.
(5) The value of pi... remains unchanged.
(6) Jesus will fail to return, again.
(7) A youtube cat video will be watched millions of times.
(8) Dick Cheney will continue to be a massive dick.
(9) I will get paid less than I deserve.
(10) I will get laid more than I deserve.


end rant

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Whoever you are, thanks for reading my cyclical little 'toon.

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Old Man 2009 talking to baby 2010.
2009: "You know, from this angle you can kinda understand why this was such a crappy year."