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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

What insurance executives hear.

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Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.

9I went to see "9" this weekend with Beloved Girlfriend. The quick review is as follows:

A million dollars worth of animation but about 29-cents worth of plot. Long on imagination, short on nuance.

Although astonishingly detailed and expertly animated this movie desperately needed about another half hour of prologue, not unlike the very similar "Wall-E" (both begin with little mechanical creatures alone in a post-apocalyptic world). The story has more plot holes than the 9-11 Report but it's so immersive you have to overlook its flaws in this regard.

Unlike Wall-E this movie is PG-13 and is therefore unsuitable for the wee ones. Indeed, some of the creatures are truly creeeeeeee-py. However, for the more mature of us, which may or may not include yours truly, it's a treat.


The Teabaggers invaded Washington, D.C. this past Saturday, pledging to bring 2 million like-minded morons to our nation's capitol to.... well, I'm not sure.

Although they claimed that ABC numbered the total crowd at 1.5 million knuckleheads and ne'er-do-wells ABC cried foul, saying they'd said no such thing. The actual number, according to the Park Service, was somewhere between 40,000-60,000.

In case your math is weak, that's 2% of the number they predicted would appear.

In other words... Total fucking FAIL.

Couldn't happen to a meaner bunch of racist assholes.

Addendumb: You can share the stupid in Flickr pics here.


One last thing... remember Joe "You lied!" Wilson from last week's House speech by the prez? His upcoming political Democratic opponent in 2010 has since received almost a million bucks from individual contributors (average amount: $25). It's not too late to join the fun so if you'd like to donate a little something I'm sure we'd all benefit... except for Mr. Wilson.


end rant

Bonus Mash-Up
Star Trek meets Monty Python meets King Arthur meets Clark Gable.

Extra Deluxe Open-Minded Bonus Fabulousness

Only you can prevent discrimination
Yes, it's true!
For more on this baffling billboard (Yes, billboard!) click here.

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Today's Google Chow.
What we say:
"This country can't afford the status quo as regards health care. Millions of Americans can't get health insurance at all and millions of others are going bankrupt each year due to medical costs."
What insurance executives hear:
"Please swipe card in slot and then input your PIN number. Do you wish to withdraw cash? Yes/No? Would you like to check your balance? Yes/No?"