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Raging Pencils by Mike "100X" Stanfill

Washday at the melanocyte place.

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We're All Pink On The Inside


It's the substance that determines the color of your skin. It's also found in the eye, the inner ear and in the heart.

It's what basically separates the Dirk Nowitzkis from the Kobe Bryants of the world (while at the same time providing proof that skin color doesn't necessarily improve your judgment about women.)

Did you know that tanning doesn't really increase the melanin level in lighter-skinned people? What it actually does is oxidize the existing melanin. Yes, us white folk are roasting in our own juices at the beach and at the tanning salon. Bring on the stove top stuffing.

Albinos lack an enzyme called tyrosinase, which why they produce no melanin at all. Makes you wonder what enzyme keeps us from being totally transparent. (That would be so COOOOOOOL!)

Their is a primitive belief extant in this world that skin color affects your quality as a person but, as far as I can tell, there is no known causal relationship between melanin levels and lessened brain function... except among white, southern Republicans.

I'm not joking here.

A recent poll showed that a significant portion of WSR's do not believe that Barack Obama has the legal right to be president because, they say, he is not a U.S. citizen. In addition, death threats to Mr. Obama have increased to 30 per day. These two facts are not unrelated, and their common thread is melanin.

This country is full of people who require scapegoats to justify their moral and economic poverty, and those of darker skin are perfect targets because they're easiest to identify by those of limited imagination. But the real causes of most of the pain and suffering in this country are due to actions of the lily-white denizens who infest the towers of Wall Street.

I'm just saying.


IMPORTANT: Health insurance companies are paying bands of hooligans to attend town hall events on health care around the country, specifically to disrupt the process. You can fight back by attending these forums yourself. For a comprehensive list of when and where go here and wait for the list to load on the right hand side. See you there!

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Bonus Backpacking
French couple backpacks from Florida to Argentina. Along the way
they adopt a little cat. Awesomely cute story. You can learn
more about the trio's trip here.

Extra Deluxe Enlightened Bonus Fabulousness

The father, the son and the holy joke.

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Today's Google Chow.
Caption: Washday at the Melanocytes.
Housewife: "Hmm. Melanin stains on his underpants. My little boy is becoming a man."