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Raging Pencils by Mike "Pubic Access" Stanfill

Willow Palin spells it all out.

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Check, Please.

fly me Olive Garden just announced they are pulling their advertising from David Letterman for the remainder of the year over this latest dust-up with the Palin family. More details about their decision here.

Yeah, this a never-ending bowl of stupid on their part. I don't eat there much but I won't eat there again. No joke. If you like, you can express your feelings about this little matter here.

Update: For some reason (pardon me while I double over laughing for a few minutes.... okay, I'm back) management at Olive Garden today said that their earlier decision for pulling the Letterman ads was actually a mistake by the media department. If so, that's a head's-rolling kind of error and no one has reportedly fallen on their sword just yet.

But Conservatives never make mistakes, they just pass the buck. And if history is any judge the media representative will probably get the Medal of Freedom for this.


end rant

Bonus Clarification
The Young Turks clarifies the Letterman/Palin debate.

Extra Deluxe Marine Bonus Fabulousness

stolen Iranian election
This is when George Bush's father decided
his son would be better off in the Air Force.

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Today's Google Chow.
Dear Perfesser Farside;
What was Willow Palin's response to the Letterman controversy?

Willow: "Hey! They said my name on TV! Cool!"