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Raging Pencils by Mike "Password" Stanfill

What's My Brain?

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Left Out.

mor change Here's a little test:

Who would you rather see on Face the Nation? Dick Cheney or Joe Biden? Liz Cheney or Hilary Clinton? Paul Krugman or Alan Greenspan? Newt Gingrich or a large pile of emu poop? (This assumes there's a difference.)

As has been clearly graphed and charted many times over, Conservative talking heads outnumber Liberal spokesmen by a clear margin of two-to-one on the Sunday morning political shows. That number has stayed pretty constant all though the Bush administration and hasn't changed a bit since, well, change happened.

This obvious kowtowing to the right by the networks is galling. I say bring on the elected officials who are currently in charge and ask them hard questions. Let the public make up it's own mind about the quality of leadership we have in this country.

PLEASE stop dragging on these right-wing, jobless, booted-out-of-office dead-enders and letting them indulge in masturbatory flights of flatulent fantasy.

That's all I'm sayin'.


end rant

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darwin = love
You can't spell "revolution" without "evolution".

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Today's Google Chow.
Soupy Sales: "Mystery guest, do you suck the blood of the living?"
Zombie: "Braains!"
Mr. Daly: "I'm sorry, Soupy, but that's a no. Dorothy Kilgallen?"
A scene from the famous zombie quiz show "What's My Brain?"