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Raging Pencils by Mike "Noogie" Stanfill

The Tickling.

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And the Award Goes To.....

sean hannity To no one's surprise the Gutless Jackass of the Week Award goes to Fox News' own Sean Hannity (Seen in file photo at left.).

You know about this, right?

Sean Hannity thinks that "enhanced interrogation" employing waterboarding is perfrectly acceptable and he has spent the past hundred days making insidious insinuations towards Mr. Obama's lineage because of his opposition to the procedure.

So on April 22, Hannity had an on-air discussion with Charles Grodin about waterboarding whereupon, in the heat of the moment, Mr. Grodin asked if he'd commit to being waterboarded himself, just to prove a point. Caught off guard Hannity unwisely replied "Yeah, sure."

I mean, what else could he say? Heh-heh-heh.

The next day on MSNBC's Countdown Keith Olbermann gleefully asked when Mr. Hannity would undergo the procedure. KO then offered to send $1000 dollars, from his own pocket, to charity for every second Mr. Hannity endures the process.

It's now been two weeks and, so far, not a word from Mr. Big Mouth about when and where. What a surprise.


On a more serious note, waterboarding is torture. No ifs, ands or butts. With any luck, history will write of the day when those in the Bush administration responsible for such abominations will be punished for their crimes.

Until then Republicans and their surrogates at Fox News have no choice but to act like nothing's wrong and to continually pound out the message that there's "torture" and then there's "torture". And being virtually drowned 182 times in one month certainly isn't "torture".


In their wildest and wettest dreams they'd like nothing better than for these same tortures to be committed at the behest of Mr. Obama. Because then that lets them off the hook.


So bring on the special prosecutors. Drill 'em, baby! And drill now!


end rant

Bonus Fiduciary.
Best. Financial commercial. Ever.

Extra Deluxe Reproductive Bonus Fabulousness

uterus cake
Best. Mother's Day Cake. Ever.

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Stormy night. Viking craft beached on shore.
Caption: And so they came, as they had always come. And once again began the terrible time known as "The Tickling".