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I Saw A Film Today, Oh Boy...

waterboarding...about a lucky man who got tortured.

Before I go on, please watch this video of a journalist who volunteered to be waterboarded. There are probably very few people nowadays who don't understand the basic priciples of the procedure but this video is like an auto accident... you just can't help but look.

Now, understand that this is a guy who thought he knew what he was getting himself into. He'd prepared himself for the experience, mentally and physically, and he's no 97-pound weakling. He was so sure of his chances he even took bets he'd last more than fifteen seconds.

Yes, fifteen whole seconds. That seemingly sets the bar pretty low... or so you'd think.

After he'd been strapped, head down, to the inclined board he was given a heavy metal object that he was instructed to drop to the floor when he'd had enough. The "torturer" then slapped a wet towel over the journalist's face and then proceeded to pour water from a gallon jug onto it.

Six seconds later the metal object hit the floor.

Visibly shaken and heart still racing the journalist then discusses the experience and it's clear that this a gruesomely effective method of manifesting the blackest fears of death the mind and body can imagine.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad underwent this procedure at the hands of Americans six times a day, every day, for a full month. He was not given the opportunity to stop the procedure whenever it felt uncomfortable.

It was torture, pure and simple. It's no wonder he confessed to planning the 9/11 attacks. He probably confessed to a lot of things he may not be guilty of. I know I would have.

In 1945 the U.S. military executed several Japanese officials for waterboarding Americans during the war in the Pacific. They were all hanged. Considering that the Bush administration used torture to gin up false data regarding WMD in Iraq as an excuse to start a vanity war in that country I'd say that hanging is too good for those we find guilty.

My fervent wish is that this administration somehow find the guts to carry out what has become already perfectly clear are war crimes of the worst kind. Let us not let almost a million innocent Iraqi men, women and children plus almost 50,000 dead, wounded or mutilated American soldiers go unavenged.

Please make it clear this cannot happen again.

I'm now going to leave you with two quotes. You decide which is worse:

"I did not have sex with that woman." - Bill Clinton

"We do not torture." - George W. Bush.


Addendum: Former CIA officer Bob Baer explains why torture doesn't work on Bill Maher's Real Time. See it here.

end rant

Bonus Terpsichore
Though I'm totally lacking the terpsichoral muse I am grateful to at least
have the capacity to feast at the aural banquet that others provide.

Extra Deluxe Comestible Bonus Fabulousness

spaghetti wiener
Recipe: Stick spaghetti in wieners. Boil. Amaze friends. Eat.

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