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Raging Pencils by Mike "I'm a Mac" Stanfill

Welcome to Hell. Here's your PC.

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Methinks Thou Doest Protest Too Stupidly

"Truth always lags behind, limping along on the arm of Time."
- Baltasar Gracián

teabaggedThe following was written by David Waldman, found on

So here's the basic lesson of the teabagging hissy fit. The new Republican "theory" of democracy:

GOP wins: "Mandate! Elections have consequences!"

GOP loses: "Tyranny! Fascism! Revolution! Secession!

Think about that. And think about how they used to tell you with a straight face that when Republicans won, "the adults were back in charge."

Think about that when the Sinn Fein arm (with apologies, I guess, to the actual Sinn Fein) of this Idiot Republican Army arrives back in Washington to plead oh-so-earnestly that they just want "bipartisan compromise."

Think about that when they tell you they demand a say in how we fix health care, rebuild our economy and protect working peoples' rights to build better lives for themselves and their families. While you were working for these changes back home, they were feeding the rump end of their "base" in the hopes that they'd spike any and every deal.

Think about how wise it is to seek "compromise" with vipers who will, the moment they don't get their way, turn and hiss, "Revolution! Secession!"

end rant

Bonus Wisdom
As good old Keith Olbermann points out, the Teabaggers had much
better targets than whatever the heck they were protesting about.

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Censored comic.
Top scene: Man arriving in Hell for Apple users. Satan says "Welcome to Hell. Here's your PC."
Bottom scene: Man arriving in Hell for PC users. Satan says "Welcome to Hell. Here's your PC."