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Raging Pencils by Mike "Slap-Fight" Stanfill

if heterosezual's were not allowed to marry.

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Fertile Minds

"The last I heard, it is not considered Politically Correct to agree with Darwin. I think it is more like, oh, intelligent." - Roger Ebert

brain boobsNPR has historically been very even-handed about the way it approaches controversial subjects, but ever since George Fucking Bush infiltrated it with his crooked little cronies (See: Ken Tomlinson) hardly a day passes that the fingernails of the Religious Right can't be heard ripping across the speaker.

Lately Charles Darwin has been the one taking the football in the groinal crosshairs. Hardly a day passes that some new pious crackpot doesn't appear on All Things Considered divinating some bizarre new theory that will now and forevermore prove evolution wrong. Not one of these Christian cretins offer anything backed up by hard, scientific data and yet they somehow are allowed to babble on midlessly for three minutes about how God wears a funny hat and lives in our brains, conducting our lives by giving our hypothalamus a swift kick every now and again.

Well I, too, have a theory which says that anyone who honestly believes in the existence of imaginary friends living in the clouds has fertilizer for brains. I, of course, have no more scientific proof of this than Intelligent Designers-ers have that the entire universe was constructed in seven days but I'll be releasing a book on the subject, complete with charts and graphs and pictures of Ralph Reed picking fleas off Pat Roberson's keister. I'm sure all the national talk shows can't wait to get their mitts on someone as erudite as I on the subject of fecal-based nervous structures.

I'm most looking forward to debating ID-er's as for once they'll have to deal with someone who deals entirely in personal faith, rather than solid facts, and they'll learn real quick what an annoying pain-in-the-ass that can be.


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Bonus Technology
Best. Pencil-sharpener. Ever.

Extra Deluxe Titillating Bonus Fabulousness

best field-trip ever
Best. Field-trip. Ever.

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If heterosexuals were not allowed to marry.
"Sorry, Susie, but it looks like we're doomed to measuring our lives by one trivial romantic episode after another, forced to engage in empty, meaningless sex until we the day we die. Oh, what a world. What a cruel, cruel world!"