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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Speed dating for women who want to live dangerously.

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Know Your Scumbag, Part 7b

dennis j. manningIt's our old friend Stepen J. Hemlsley, CEO of United HealthCare, back to put a happy face on his company's heartless cruelty, although this time a subsidiary of United HealthCare, Golden Rule, is the actual villain.

It seems that a young woman named Peggy Robertson of Centennial, Colorado (see below) had recently delivered a baby via c-section. Afterwards she decided to get some health insurance but Golden Rule told her she was inelegible for their plans because of the c-section. They told her that they would consider her for coverage if she had herself sterilized.

Yes, sterilize yourself, they said, and everything's hunky-dory.

peggy robertsonKeep in mid this is a normal, healthy young woman and but for the fact that she had a c-section she could not be insured.

For anything.


For more details go here.

You can watch a short video of Peggy telling her story here.


Beloved Girlfriend and I both wanted a Nintendo Wii to play with but since we're both self-employed we can't make such frivolous purchases lightly. So we hit on a compomise. Each time we "pitch woo", as the kids call it these days, we both had to toss a few buck in the kitty.

Needless to say, we saved enough for a Wii pretty quick, especially after Nintendo lowered the price to $200.

So far the big winner has been the bowling game that comes with the machine. Not only does it afford some entertaining competition between the two of us but the flexibility of the physics engine allows for some really spectacular shots. Beloved Girlfriend so far leads the series in wins but no little part of that is because she takes the enterprise a bit more seriously than I. She ferociously attacks the head pin straight on, and with great success, but I prefer a more arty approach. Basically, if I can't curl the ball competely from one side of the lane to the other then I'm just not a happy dude. And the dude prefers to abide.

So last Saturday it's approaching midnight and our arms are giving out, so I proposed one last round... of strip bowling. The primary rule was that for each strike made the opponent must doff a piece of clothing.

She thought it a grand idea. My kinda gal.

Needless to say neither of us has ever played better. The first six balls were strikes and we have never had that many consecutive strikes up to that point. It's amazing how the mind can focus with such laser precision when the goal is important enough.

We had a brief point of contention when BG declared that each earring she wore be considered a seperate article of clothing. The judges unfortunately concurred but that meant my glasses, previously overlooked, were considered fair game, too.

The game ended in a tie, but no one went home a loser, if you know what I mean.


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Today's Google Chow.
Speed dating... for women who love men that REALLY live dangerously.
First panel
He: "I'm a lion tamer."
Her: "Meh."
Second panel
He: "I'm a test pilot for the CIA."
Her: "Borrrrrring!"
Third panel
He: "I'm an asthmatic, and I can't get insurance."
Her: "Do me!"