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God is satisfied with his works. Gen 1:31
God is dissatisfied with his works.  Gen 6:6

simpsons did it!The Bush administration is not inept.

It is actually evil.


I say this because the Bureau of Land Management has just been ordered to place a two-year moratorium on new solar projects on public lands. This effectively kills any new projects and any planned over the coming two years.

Full story here.

This from a government which, if there was some suspicion that your baby's butt contained crude oil, would have Exxon at your door the next day, promptly at 8AM, with a sump pump and a quart of KY jelly at the ready.

Spokesmen for the BLM have said, presumably with a straight face, that they're worried about how much solar power-plants would negatively affect the environment. The desert environment. The one with all the sand surrounded by a lot of nothing. But we don't drink sand, we drink water, and it's clear from the recent Exxon Valdez judgement that the government could care less about how much the oil companies foul the water. Why should they suddenly care about how much energy companies adversely sand?

Yes, solar power plants on private lands can go ahead with development but the government owns 66% of all lands which would be most conducive to solar energy.

This is just another naked ploy to give the oil companies a tighter chokehold on the American energy dollar. I urge you to call your senator or congressman today and let them understand just how much you think this might be a very stupid, nay, evil idea.


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Today's Google Chow.
To the surprise of a national audience George Carlin arose on the third day to impart one last bit of information. Cats, however, remained largely unimpressed.
"Here is my final list of seven things you can't say on TV: Recession, $10 trillion dollar federal deficit, AIPAC, Afghanistan, Monsanto, Net Neutrality and Mission Accomplished."