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What's It All About, Algae?

I just saw one of the most amazing videos and you'll find it at the bottom of this page.

It's about a company called Valcent which has recently developed a patented method of growing algae.

Yes, algae.

It seems that green algae is about 50% oil, and is specifically the kind of oil we can use to replace crude oil. The process uses very little water (versus1700 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol) and delivers thousands of times the output per acre that corn would.

The final claim in the video, and I'm going to give it away because it's just too cool, is that an algae-processing facility 1/10th the size of New Mexico could suplly all of our country's oil needs.

It is, in a word, brilliance. So check the video out, share it with friends and, perhaps, convince your congressmen to require government vehicles to run on algae-based petrol.

It's a start.


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