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Water, Water Everywhere, But Only If We Think.

alson 652 c incredible head shower headI'm always looking for ways to treat my environment a little better so when someone mentioned shower heads with a shut-off device I hustled down to the local big-box and scrounged around the plumbing aisle until I found this.

"This" happens to be the Alsons "Incredible Head" Shower Head. Model #652 C. It is most awesome for three very good reasons:

First, I only paid $6 for the device. That's with tax. Generally they're around $10 but I found this one on sale that day.

Second, the spray is almost ideal. Not too hard but with plenty of volume.

Third, and most importantly, is that little button you see near the knurled ends. This lets you instantly change the full spray into a temperature-retaining trickle. This lets you wet yourself down at full-strength, turn it off, soap up, and then turn it back on to hose yourself down... and the temperature remains as you had it last, no fumfering with the knobs.

I've used this a few times already and it's clear I'm now using half the water and, therefore, half the energy that heats it. That's a classic win-win.

Incidentally, the brand name I purchased this one under was Peerless but Alsons is the more common manufacturer. They're both owned by MASCO. If you'd like to save a gallon or two of gas searching for one you can buy one on here.

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This is the May 31, 2008 Mallard Fillmore cartoon. I realize conservatives have
no real need of the facts but that still doesn't excuse a cartoon as sleazy as this.
Especially considering the hundreds of thousands of votes of both black AND
white democratic voters stolen by the Republican Party in 2000 and 2004.

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