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The G.O.P. deli.

What A Silly Bunt.

"Nothing unites the English like war. Nothing divides them like Picasso." - Hugh Mills

Here are a couple of tips for Barack Obama...

From now on always carry a picture of Adolf Hilter and Osama Bin Laden with you. The next time the press mentions Reverend Wright or Louis Farrakhan whip these photos out and remind the country that the Bush family has made a lot of money from business ties with both of these people.

Have a t-shirt made with a huge American flag across the chest. As big as you can get it. Above or beneath the flag have this phrase printed: "Mine's Bigger Than Yours!" and wear it all the time.

When anyone asks you if you have enough experience for the job, remind the country that George Bush was governor of a state whose legislature met once every two years, and that the real political power was in the hands of the lieutenant governor.

When asked if you're going to raise taxes say no, but that you intend to empower the Internal Revenue Service to make sure all the corporations have paid their fair share of taxes. Plus raise the SEC's budget so they can make sure everyone's playing by the rules. Mention Don Siegelman's name in passing.

Let everyone know you've signed the petition to change the name of a San Francisco water pollution control plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

And for doggone sure, let everyone knows that if you get the nomination that John Cleese will be writing your speeches.


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