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(Note: I wrote the following before the ABC "debate" between Clinton and Obama on the 16th. The inane, insulting and out-of-touch questions asked by both Gibson and Stephanopoulos only solidifies my point about corporate intrusiveness into the voting process.)

Allow me to add my voice to the growing throng of "Let's elect an elite person to be president."

After all, this sideshow novelty we've had for the last seven years as commander in chief, Mr. "Are you ready for some football?", hasn't exactly done a stellar job of cleaning out the Athenian stables. In fact, most of the horses are dead and a couple of them are mysteriously pregnant. And all the horse manure has simply been piled up in the corner for future generations to clean up. (That's the most apt visual metaphor for the federal deficit I can possibly think of.)

The Republicans tarred John Kerry with this "elite" brush back in 2004 but I don't think it had much to do with the result of the election. John Kerry is a smart human and a good politician but the fact of the matter is he is simply uglier than five miles of bad road and about as entertaining to hear when debating fiscal policy. Those characteristics are the very reason the corporate media went out of their way to champion Kerry, because he was the only Democrat running that made Bush somehow look attractive. Kerry came out of nowhere late in the campaign, nudging aside John "Cuite Pie" Edwards, Dick "Hunky Boy" Gephardt, Bob "Nature Boy" Graham and Dennis "Well, at least his wife is a total babe!" Kucinich.

We're going through the same occurrance now, which is the reason we have, literally, a dark horse vying for the candidacy against an old gray mare. Presidential debate fact-checkers proved time and again that Edwards, Kucinich and Chris Dodd were routinely given short chronologic shrift during the question and answer periods, the allotment of time skewing heavily in favor of Ms. Clinton. The Republicans have been salivating for four years to get Hilary in their media sights but something went wrong, and his name is Obama.

So why is Obama still here while the others have failed? The biggest reason is money. The man has put together the most impressive grass-roots funding system in American history. He has yet to take one thin dime from corporate interests and he still leads all the rest in total funds pledged. And he's poised to get even more after Denver as his base is comprised of "typical" folks donating $20 and $50 at a time. Meanwhile, Hilary's corporate backers are starting to dry up, many of them having hit the $2500 limit months ago.

McCain is just another in a series of Conservative quislings who will continue Bush's failed policies designed to benefit the rich and influential at the expense of all others. Clinton would be an effective leader as she'd at least pay attention to detail but she's in bed with the wrong people, and I don't mean Bill. She's taken WAY too much money from Big Pharma so she can't be counted on to work for the people's welfare.

So I'm an Obama man now and the biggest reason is that I am certain that, of the three, he's the only one who has the kind of personal ethics that can really clean up Athens. It's just too bad the former sheriff turned it into a ghost town before he left... aside from all the ponies with the bad Texas accents.


And now, a few wise words about "elitism" from Brother John.

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