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wesson colt bb-gun

Danger! Danger!

Die, Bold, Die.

No one eats squid, chicken embryos, Chinese gooseberries or cow anus. That's because we prefer to call them calamari, eggs, kiwi fruit and bologna, respectively.

Another name that causes stomachs to somersault is Diebold Election Systems. After 6 years of consistently screwing up our national elections we all now share the same lousy opinion of anything with the word "Diebold" slapped on it.

So using the same logic that made the kiwi fruit so endearing the marketing department of Diebold would like to introduce you to Premier Election Systems, the bold new name for Diebold Election Systems as of 2007.

Same great product but with 99% more bologna.


Raging Pencils is a massive conceit courtesy of:

Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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Nature's danger signals. Diebold, snake, skunk, shark.