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"Sold! To The Man With The Evil Grin!"

"Take only memories; leave nothing but footprints." - Chief Seattle

tim dechristopherI have a new hero, Tim DeChristopher. That's his picture to the left. Isn't he just dreamy?


Before you get any weird ideas allow me to explain.

You see, the Bush administration, on its way out the door, decided to fuck-over our public parks system by throwing open previously unavailable federal lands to anyone interested in stripping them of their raw materials.

Enter Mr. DeChristopher, age 27, a recent college graduate of economics who took umbrage at this stunt and decided to do something about it. So he registered for the auction and promptly bought $1.7 million worth of these lands. He would have bought more but the auction found his habit of over-paying for the land a bit suspicious and had the guards throw him out. But the land he successfully bid for are still legally his... if he can come up with the dough. Currently, the Center for Water Advocacy is planning on paying for the parcels of land (see, at the same time establishing a legal defense fund should it come to that.

We need more people like Tim, and more organizations like the CWA.

For more details on this story, specifically about how the oil industry colludes to keep the land prices in these types of auctions absurdly low, you can read more about it here.


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Joe gets schooled by Zbiggy. This stuff delights me ever so.

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santa vs. the hulk
Yes, I know we're all sick of Xmas by now, but this is amazing!
LOVE the crowbar!

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The whales looked on with rising horror as they knew their time had come, for this was the end of the Great Age of Poodling.