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Raging Pencils by Mike "Crumpet" Stanfill

Who hash addiction

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Mission Accomplished. Really! Honest!

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth." - Adolf Hitler

elephant gravyThe Bush sock puppets are in full damage control mode, making up incredible lies in order to soften the effect of their horrible incompetence from the ravages of history.

As an example of this, both Condileeza "Office Spouse" Rice and Karl "Mr. Potato-Head" Rove have said time and again, on any number of Fox News programs, that history will view the Bush administration favorably, and you have to wonder how much stock they've been offered under the table... or  how much Drano they've been drinking.

In case you don't know they're planting such lies in the public record so that future Republican shills can point to this as "proof".

Uh, yeah.

In that case, George W. Bush keeps orphan Chinese babies in his basement, mostly for anal sex but sometimes just to use for batting practice.

It's true because I said so.


Speaking of immense assholes, anyone who engages in text messaging should send one last message to their carriers...

"Screw you!"

According to a recent New York Times story the text message that just cost you as much as 20 cents to send cost the provider zero cents.

Nothing. Nada. Free.

You see, there's a 160-character hole in each transmission wave that can conveniently deliver your text message, at no extra cost to the provider. Why is this important?

There were almost three trillion text messages sent last year. Do the math.



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