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You Know Who You Are

"The modern conservative is engaged in one man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." - John K. Galbraith

rick stevesLong Story Short: Thanks. I really mean it. Seriously. No, really.

As we wind down towards an inevitable democratic presidential victory in November, I want to personally thank all of those who voted for George Bush these past two elections:

Thanks for leaving the Treasury empty.

Thanks for wrecking the military.

Thanks for conscripting felons.

Thanks for turning the vice-presidential selection process into an embarrassing freak show.

Thanks for building and equipping the largest private army in history.

Thanks for killing 5000 young Americans and for crippling 30,000 more... for absolutely nothing.

Thanks for shredding the Bill of Rights.

Thanks for shredding the Constitution.

Thanks for Homeland Security.

Thanks for wrecking FEMA.

Thanks for turning your back on national intelligence and allowing the worst attack on American soil... ever!

Thanks for making America a laughingstock for the rest of the world.

Thanks for making the rich even richer and for making all the rest of us poorer.

Thanks for a lower standard of living for 95% of Americans.

Thanks for ignoring the health crisis.

Thanks for $4-a-gallon gas.

Thanks for wrecking the dollar.

Thanks for securing two more countries into the Nuclear Club.

Thanks for proving that is IS important who's president.

Thanks for proving that Reagan was a no-nothing putz.

Thanks for proving Republican politics is a failure.

Thanks for Duke Cunningham, Scooter Libby, Jeff Gannon, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Jack Abramoff, Robert Ney, Tom Delay, James Tobin, Mark Foley, Karl Rove, Kyle "Dusty" Fogo, Alberto Gonzelez, Michael Brown, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Thomas Noe, Rick Renzi, Sarah Palin, Bernie Kerik, Bob Allen, Larry Craig, Donald Thompson, Michael Chertoff, Brent Wilkes and John McCain.

Lastly, thank you for not voting... ever again. It's clear you no longer possess the capacity for rational decision-making so come this November 4th, go shopping.  We'll handle the grown-up stuff from here on.


end rant

Extra Bonus Deliciousness
nipples for obama
See you in November.

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Today's Google Chow.
I was once granted three wishes by the genie from a magic lamp. I wished for god's address and a gun big enough to kill him. The genie granted my wishes but, as I thought, there is no god.
Wow... what was your third wish?
Ten inch penis.

Can you sing but need a professional voice trainer?