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Raging Pencils by Mike "Tobor" Stanfill

The Tonight Show with David Letterman.

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Why Am I Here?

"I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization." - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Long Story Short: In lieu of actual comment.

Hellboy for Obama auction

On eBay they're auctioning an original piece of art featuring the one and only HellBoy wearing an Obama t-shirt, hand drawn by its creator, Mike Mignola. The auction ends 10-13-08 at 10:31 CST and the current bid stands at $1,025.00. All proceeds will benefit the Obama campaign.

Sure wish I'd won the lottery last night.

fear of flying
I decided to watch an episode of the original Bob Newhart Show on Hulu recently and I happened to select a story which concerned Emily's fear of flying. I was immediately struck by the appearance of the cabin of the plane, which seemed unusually roomy. Did passenger flights in 1974 really look like this? I'm no spring chicken but the jets I flew in were as closely packed as today. Any old stewardesses or pilots out there who might care to reminisce?

Secondarily, I always thought this "fear of flying" gag, which they reprised on occasion, was a sly, VERY sly, allusion to Erica Jong's racy 1973 novel of the same title.


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100% Free Bonus Snark!

Keith Olbermann talks directly to Sarah Palin about being a asshole.

Extra Bonus Snarkaliciousness

bennett cartoon

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Today's Google Chow.
Last night on David Letterman's The Tonight Show .
"Oh, look, Paul. This is the professor's proof that he's built the first time machine. So what am I lookin' at?"
"Zatt iss George Bush as a fetus."
""Okay, I'll bite... who's George Bush?"