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Today's Rant is Brought To You By The Letter D.

"Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead."
- Scottish proverb

Long Story Short: So long, my TV friend.

When I was in college my dorm room was too small for my drawing table, so I set up shop in the public room. My habit was to paint all night in front of the TV, go to morning classes and then sleep during the afternoon while my room-mate was away attending class. It worked out great for both of us.

As the dawn crept in I'd switch to the local public television station for my morning chuckle. It wasn't the first time I'd ever seen Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street but I began to watch them with the typical college student's caustic, ironic eye, bemused by the childishly simple stories. It wasn't long, however, before I began to appreciate the honest sincerity the programs displayed and I didn't laugh quite as much as before. I still smiled a lot, though.

After college I didn't have time for such trivialities, busy as I was with work, girls, and life. But I remember when Mr. Hooper died.


end rant

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Oh, crap... I need something political here. Aw, hell,
Keith Olbermann's always good for a laugh.

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stupid, stupid palin
She can't be that dumb, can she? Can she? (She is.)

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Today's Google Chow.
"Is anyone here experienced in being miniaturized, injected into a human body and then surgically removing a blood clot with a high-powered laser?"
"Holmium or CO2?"
Ronald's twisted habit of tormenting the unemployed came to a sad end one morning when he chanced to anger a psychotic ex-employee of Fermi Labs, who subsequently introduced his rectum to the intimate acquaintance of a medium-sized autoclave.