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Happy Anniversary!

One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."
- Josef Stalin

anniversary cakeI somehow neglected to notice something semi-important last week as January 18, 2009 marked the one-year anniversary of the debut of the thrice-weekly Raging Pencils comic.

When I began the strip back in 2006 it was an every-now-and-then enterprise but I'm happy to report that it's now appeared for one full year without having missed a single day. That is, of course, peanuts to, say, Peanuts, but whattaya want for nuthin'?

Most of all I just want to say "Thank you!" to each and every one of you little people out there who have taken a moment out of their busy day to peruse my little artistic atrocity. Without you I am nothing and with you I am slightly more than nothing... or something like that.

See you in the funny papers.


In light of recent information revealing that the Bush administration was basically keeping detainees at Guantanimo just for the pleasure of torturing them comes this cogent reaction by reader SG at talkingpointsmemo:

"Am I the only one who is simply flabbergasted that any Republican, much less a member of the Bush Administration like Karl Rove, thinks the closing of Gitmo will be a campaign issue that favors the GOP? I listen to these people lecture us about the difficulty Obama will face in relocating the prisoners and one word keeps repeating itself in my mind: chutzpah! Of the highest order! It's as if they built a poorly designed nuclear plant, let it melt down on their watch, did nothing to clean it up, and then upon leaving office said: "Good luck with that nuclear plant! We'll be watching and ready to pounce when you haven't got that sucker under control in a year!"


And this from the Japanese AP:

TOKYO (AP) — Aspiring English speakers in Japan have made President Barack Obama's book of speeches and accompanying CD a national best-seller.

In Aichi, central Japan, a Buddhist monk has reportedly been playing the president's speeches during his temple service. And dozens of students in an English-language class in Tokyo have been memorizing his 2004 Democratic Convention speech to improve their understanding and pronunciation.

"Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let's face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely," the students at Kaplan Japan school recited together Friday.

"The Speeches of Barack Obama" has sold 420,000 copies since its release on Nov. 20 — an "unprecedented huge hit" for an English-language text, according to publisher Asahi Press.

Any book that sells more than 100,000 copies in Japan, which has a population of 128 million, is considered a success, and foreign-language publication sales rarely exceed 20,000, the publisher said.


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Bonus Terpsichore
Forget string quartets. These are the guys they should have had
at the inauguration.

Extra Deluxe Comestible Bonus Fabulousness

These are wagashi, traditional Japanese desserts.
Click here to see an astounding array of others. Om-nom-nom!

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Today's Google Chow.
Unicorn, at security for Ark: "Pony porn? Heh-heh. Now how'd that get in there? Awwwww, that's just pictures of my grandkids. Wait! That's not even my suitcase!"
Some mysteries of the Bible are best left untold.