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Raging Pencils by Mike "Cytokinesis" Stanfill

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Don't Tell Me Who To Hate

"America is a melting pot... the people at the bottom get burned while all the scum floats to the top." - Charlie king

Long Story Short: Honky Mofo Gets His Liberal Guilt On.

I received an email today from a reader who considered me a racist because of this cartoon I'd crafted earlier.

Yes, that's why I'm backing Barack Obama, because I'm such a racist.

The cartoon is, if you read it carefully, is about how silly the creation story is. If, as the faithful fervently believe, God is responsible for everything then he purposely imbued us all with intolerance, even creating black people specifically for white people to focus their small-minded vindictiveness upon.

Gee, thanks God.

I shall try to be as clear as possible on this to anyone who cares: Stupidity comes in all colors.

Now, rather than go on an extended rant I will defer to someone much wiser and funnier.... in this case, Bill Maher. Watch the youtube video below from his 9-26-08 show to see what I mean.

Take it way, Bill!


One more thing... I get emails occasionally asking why I don't avail myself of all the sweet political fruit literally dripping off the media trees in order to score a sharp, rehetorical mark on all the Republican boobs out there.

There are two reasons, the first being that I prefer to deal in much larger issues like war, poverty, ecology, etc. rather than topical matters like lipstick on pigs or the relative proximity of Russia to Wasilla, Alaska. I prefer to create gags that will resonate long after I'm gone. Sue me.

The second reason is that I avoid caricature at all costs. It's not that I'm incapable of exaggerating a person's appearance for comic effect, it's just that I consider the result just one step up from the toxic scribbling you find on bathroom stalls. 'Nuff said, 'kay?


end rant

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Bill Maher is, at times, brilliant. He's wrong about the government's
complicity in 9-11, but I love him anyway.

Extra Bonus Snarkaliciousness

Like Crap Through An Orwellian Goose:
The Editorial Excretions of Mallard Fillmore

mallard fillmore sucks

9-28/29-08: Is there possibly a worse prognosticator than Bruce Tinsley, creator of Mallard Fillmore? Is there a more obviously racist cartoonist tha Bruce Tinsley?

Let's start with the first cartoon, the top one from 9-28-08. This was obviously drawn just after Ms. Palin was announced as veep. We have all since seen how horribly her fortunes had faded since then. Good going, Bruce.

The bottom cartoon was from 9-29-08, and it questions Mr. Tinsley's math skills. Given that only 13% of Americans are black then it's a safe best that most people that voted for Obama in the primaries are non-black. But who cares about statistics when you can draw Jesse Jackson promoting racism?

Since we're all in the process of voting these Republican bastards out of office, why not call or write your local paper and vote out Mallard Fillmore, too?

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Today's Google Chow.
My opponent considers himself to be an elite simply becasue of his nematocytes.
The assembled crowd stiffened as his words echoed like a gunshot. Everyone knew he was in deep trouble as he'd recklessly played the phylum card.