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Raging Pencils by Mike "foie gras" Stanfill

Karl Rove dressed as Tina Louise fondles a duck.

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Frontier Injustice

Some negroes know their place.Recently in my home state of Texas a man named Joe Horn shot and killed two burglars coming out of a neighbors house. The Pasadena legal system declined to prosecute him.

This sickens me.

The law is clearly written that it is your own property and nowhere else that can be protected with such deadly force. This lunatic is no less a criminal than the two men he gunned down.

This very liberal interpretation of this very stupid law opens up a lot of interesting cans of very intriguing worms, especially in how you define the word "neighbor":

The old lady down the street has neglected to license her nineteen cats.

Pow! Good-bye, kitty!

A guy dumps his litter on the median.

Boom! All clean.

Your local 7-11 is proven to have altered the gasoline pumps so that they're making an extra dime per gallon.

Bang! More smiles per gallon.

Your congressman gets caught with a refrigerator full of hundred-dollar bills.

Your senator gets caught with a gay prostitute.

Your vice-president gets caught outing a CIA agent.

Your president gets caught lying about the reasons for starting an illegal war that ends up killing 4000 Americans.

Hey, a law-breaker is a law-breaker, folks. Can't just draw the line at stolen TV's, now can we?

Stupid? So are the Castle Laws, which I now take to mean "If you can nail it from your front yard, more power to you."

If the Castle Laws had been around in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald would have gotten away scott-free. All he needed was a much better rifle with a much better scope and a much higher vantage point from his Oak Cliff home.

Let me be clear about this, I don't like guns. I don't need guns. I don't think anyone in America needs guns any longer. What I need are laws that never allow the general public to be judge, jury and executioner. To be specific, I need laws that protect us all equally from jackasses like Joe Horn.


Addendum: Since writing this rant less than 24 hours ago I've learned that the NRA is now pushing to allow guns into Disney World.

We are a sick society.

end rant

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The fear that somewhere, somehow, Karl Rove is dressed like Tina Louise, fondling a duck... and he's watching you.