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Raging Pencils by Mike "AK-47" Stanfill

The human in the sock drawer was loaded,

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Dum-Dum Nation

suicide gunIf America had the same, sane gun-ownership laws as the rest of the civilized world:

• You could walk down the street safe from the fear of a drive-by shooting.

• You could go for a drive knowing the odds of being car-jacked was almost infinitely minute.

• Your child could enter school with dignity instead of treated as a criminal while being scanned by metal detectors.

• You could work better knowing that some kid, angry at his parents, isn't entering your child's school locked-and-loaded with the greater part of his grandfather's gun collection.

• Your child wouldn't be among the 3000 that die each year via handguns due to accident, homicide or suicide.

• The only people owning guns would be part of a well-regulated militia.

Three things to remember about guns:

• The bad guys always shoot first.

• You can outrun a club or a knife but you can never outrun a bullet.

• You're more likely to kill yourself or someone you know with a gun than to kill an unknown assailant.

I'm just sayin'.


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It's clear that the police need to bone up on what the First Amendment means.

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There, in her husband's sock drawer, wrapped in a towel, next to an empty bottle of gin, was a human. It was loaded. That's when Edna began to tremble.