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Raging Pencils by Mike "thermite" Stanfill

Not all fairy tales are myths.

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We Huffed and Puffed and Blew Our House Down

“Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone." ~ John Maynard Keynes

There are a great many of you that don't know the story about WTC Building 7 but it is the literal smoking gun proving government complicity in the attacks of 9-11.

Building 7 was the only one of the 7 WTC buildings that didn't sustain major damage fromresults of the primary attack. Only a small section of its curtain wall showed any damage and none of its eight massive primary structural supports were reported damaged.

The building caught fire but little evidence of this could be seen from outside the building. After burning most of the day officials are reported to have decided to "pull it". This means they were going to blow it up. Implode it. At 5:30 PM on 9-11 this 47-story building neatly collaped into its own footprint. You can see footage of this on youtube.

Even wierder is this BBC video that states the building (referred to as the Solomon Building) has fallen, when it's clearly still standing in the background of the reporter.

First, no one has ever blown up a burning building. It just doesn't happen.

Second, its takes weeks to prepare a building for implosion, which this clearly was, so we're supposed to believe they did this while the whole building was on fire?

Incindentally, Building 7 housed satellite offices of the SEC and the IRS, both of which were the central command posts of the Enron investigation. And the SEC had all of George Bush's records regarding his insider trading scandal with Harkin Energy. How convenient.

It's clear that building 7 was supposed to fall as a result of damage from the Twin Towers but that didn't happen. The same people who rigged the Twin Towers for implosion had #7 ready to go, too.

Hundreds of scientists all say the Twin Towers defied the rules of physics, crumbling too quickly and too perfectly. Especially since these buildings were designed to withstand being struck by such aircraft. Firemen on the scene report massivie explosions in the basements that had nothing to do with the impact of the airliners. Researchers has discovered traces of thermate in the rubble. More about this here.

This government disposed of the recovered remnants of the WTC as quickly as they could, shipping the massive, twisted beams to China. There was no reason for such haste unless it was to dispose of the evidence.

Why destroy the WTC? All of the buildings were filled with asbestos and would require billions of dollars to remove it. Bringing them down all once and blaming it on terrorists was pretty darned convenient

We've been lied to about such things before as an excuse for war. The Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor (see below) are just two examples.

Our country has been hijacked by the most heinous of traitors. I encourage you to do more research on this subject yourself as there's so much more than I can supply in one measly rant.


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Pearl Harbor was a lie, too.
The above photo is from the November 30, 1941 edition of the
Honolulu Advertiser warning that the Japanese may strike the
island soon. If the press knew this, why didn't the military? This
may also clarify why all of the American aircraft carriers
"just happened" to be on maneuvers that day.

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