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wesson colt bb-gun

Penguins in heat.

Double Indumbnity. (Hey, up there! Read this!)

If you mouse over the cartoon above you'll get two different punchlines.

That's two completely different punchlines, not a continuation of the dialogue with intent to create added mirth.

There is a difference.

There were actually many different punchlines for this set-up, not untypical for most comic strips, but the original one, the one that caused great gobs of glee among my friends and associates was "We are SO totally fucked".

It was pleasing to me in a sophomorically cathartic fashion but I ultimately decided against it because I plan to work at Air America some day and I just KNOW this comic will show up on Lexis Nexus and queer the whole deal. (About four of you reading this are nodding your heads at that statement. The rest of you are completely stumped by it. Trust me, it's not funny.)

The punchline I used made some sense within the logical framework of the jape but, to be honest, the joke was more about the Iranians than it was about the cute lil' pengies. so because I couldn't make up my mind you get two, two, two gags for the price of none. Either way, I hope you enjoyed at least one of them. From a purely mathematical standpoint it was worth a shot.

Now, to be perfectly honest Our Boy George never uttered such a statement but I doubt I'll ever receive complaints about it because those who support the president nowadays certainly aren't reading this comic. They're more likely out fornicating with their relatives or scouting the countryside looking for something soft and cute to kill with their off-brand Uzi's or they're welcoming others like themselves to Wal-Mart.

If you think about it, though, Bush really should say something exactly like that but he won't. Ever. That's because puppetmaster Richard Perle and his buddies at the PNAC have this raging boner for reducing Iran to kibble because it poses a threat to Israel, and Mr. Mission Accomplished always dances faithfully to the PNAC's treacherous tattoo.

Destroying one country because it is a possible threat to another country is a really lousy idea because that would logically result in only one country standing by the time the dust settles. And by the looks of things that country would be Israel because The Littlest Emperor is doing his darndest to destroy America all by himself without anyone else firing a shot.


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