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Raging Pencils by Mike "Bituminous" Stanfill

Wall Street Xmas Gift

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Raging Pencils is a minor personal conceit of:

Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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Merry Apocalypse, Charlie Brown!

George W. Bush: "All that stuff that happened in the past eight years? Don't look at me."

Dick Cheney: "Yeah. We tortured."

drunk santa by gabriel morkaDear Santa;

I've been good for the past eight years. In that time I didn't invade another country, or ignore terror warnings, or let black people drown. I recycled studiously and flossed every night.

I know you had at least something to do with our new president getting elected, and I thank you for that, but I have one more request that I hope you'll consider:

Please allow the world economic system to completely collapse.

Seriously, once money no longer has value it'll be survival of the fittest and that means those who know how to grow food will survive over all others. Yes, billions will die but those who valued money over all else will be the first to go, hopefully in a great deal of pain, and then the world will begin anew as a peaceful, agrarian paradise. If we're lucky, no one will remember what a reverse naked negative mortgage swap was for many centuries to come.

As always I'll be setting out a plate of sour cream blini's and a hot cup of cocoa flavored with a hint of peppermint schnapps, just the way you like it.



end rant

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Today's Google Chow.
Giant package on sleigh addressed to 'Wall Street'.
Santa: "Where are the other presents?"
Elf: "What other presents?"