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Election Go Boom!

I'll bet if you asked every American who has died of covid-19 if they would have rather NOT have died of covid-19 I'll bet they would all say the same thing:

"Fuck Donald fucking Trump until his fucking eyes explode and he and his fucking family fall into a fucking Sarlacc pit filled with fucking fire ants using tiny little fucking flame-throwers to agonizingly scorch each fucking layer of skin off as it fucking regrows, and then a fucking eagle appears every fucking morning to eat their fucking livers, which will magically regrow so the fucking eagle can return the next fucking day and fucking eat their fucking livers again!"

Or, at least, something like that.


I hear the next Chunky Hitler tell-all book is going to written by Rudy Giuliani's pants.


Let's all take a moment to give Stormy Daniels a big "Thank you!" for defying t-Rump's NDA and ratting him out for using campaign funds to raw-dog her with his tiny, stumpy mushroom of a reproductive organ. This led to the impeachment trials which led to t-Rump believing he was all-powerful which led to his complete mishandling of the pandemic which is going to lead to a election presidential loss of historical proportions which will lead to his going to jail which will lead to his rotting and dying in jail which will lead millions to go dance on his grave which will probably include the guards set in place to prevent such public celebrations of joy and rapture.

(I'm equally part cranky and deliriously happy today. I'm sure you understand.)


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Baby trump in high-chair looking at big red nuclear button o his desk.
Trump: Hey, a win's a win, right?
GOP elephant: Well, yeah, technically, if you push that button you won't lose the election.

titty-bby trump comic