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Democracy Reborn

Best Hump Day EVAH!


Free at last! Free at last! Great Zeus, almighty, we're free at last!

Welcome President Biden and Vice-President Harris!

You have our trust. Now go forth and do great things!


President Biden will not have to lie that the rain stopped to bathe him in sunlight as he was sworn in.


The sun shown bright and clear on the faces of Joe and Kamala. And this country.

The only dark spot in Washington flew back to Florida earlier that day.


Did t-Rump not pardon the insurrectionists?




That furious whirring noise you hear coming out of Washington?

It's the sound of Executive Orders flying out the door, reversing all the damage Trump has done to this country.

Such a sweet, sweet sound.


I waited awhile to create this comic because I was certain the Biggest Loser was going to start one last little bit of chaos before leaving to spend the rest of his life in Hell.


You know the English phrase of endearment "cheeky monkey"?

Well, I just received a 24 hour ban on Facebook for using the derivative phrase "kinky monkey".

It was in response to someone wanting a Babel fish to stick in their ear.

Today of all days.

FB be weird, yo.

(I know most of you don't give two shits for Facebook but I have a not insignificant following there of a lot of really nice Progressives. And i REALLY wanted to gloat with them today.)


end rant

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