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The Fall Guys

ICE just changed its rules so that if you're a student from another country you cannot engage in online-only college studies or you will face deportation.

This logic, courtesy of the Stephen Millers of the world, is clearly "Stop enjoying our American freedoms! If you're going to study online then study online from the shit-hole country we clearly haven't bombed enough!"


I can understand why Mary Trump didn't write her book in 2016. After all, who expected the Russians and rogue agents of the FBI to screw the election over?

But the moment Trump won the election she should have started typing. Because if her book had been available by mid-2018, and contained anything close to the lurid details she promises, then the Senate might now be in Democratic hands.

That part is REALLY important.

My opinion is that Mary Trump is only bottom-feeding on t-Rump's rotting political corpse. That her book is appearing only now proves it's no more than a titillating money grab.

t-Rump is toast this November and her book, just like Bolton's, changes nothing.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
We see a burning Covid Airlines airliner up among the clouds. Bailing out is a man using a protective mask as a parachute and a MAGA man using only his red hat to break his fall.

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