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What's A Joint Like You Doing In A Cartoonist Like This?

Yes, I know it's been an all-timer of a political week, not unlike the 150 or so weeks that preceded it, but this week came with a bonus and it starts with my knees.

I was born with crummy knees, the kind you'd find on the back of a comic book alongside offers for X-ray specs and disappearing ink.

"Hey, kids! Imagine the fun of watching your friends collapse into a heap after making a sudden right turn. Comes with instructions. Get a second set for an additional 1.25, plus tax."

The problem is that Stanfill's have uniquely small patellas, which allows the femur to twist, whenever the upper body undergoes sudden torque, while everything below it is unsuspectingly rooted to the ground.


I learned this lesson early in life and, far from being a curse, these crummy pins of mine were a blessing as they kept me away from the kind of "manly endeavors" that later in life one regrets, at least as much as the CTE will allow.

So I've spent a lifetime engaging in exercise specifically aimed at improving leg strength. Bicycling is great for that but a couple of years ago I got into deep knee-bends and the results were favorable. So much so that I increased the regimen to a set of repetitions on the hour. Result: sprained leg muscles and a week gulping NSAIDs while staggering about the house with the aid of a cane.


It beats toppling over and breaking something vital.

This past week-end it was stair-stepping that got me. 15-minute sessions were providing good results so I increased my session to 30 minutes. Big mistake. Much hurting. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!

The last thing I've wanted to do this week was sit in a chair and draw funny cartoons but I made myself get in here and do my best today and you're going to sit there and listen to me bitch about it!

On the plus side, I'm thankful that I work freelance from home and that the larder is well-stocked with both human and cat chow.

There is no moral here, no lesson, no epiphany. Just Cartoon Boy bitching into the inky, kinky digital darkness and, frankly, feeling somewhat better for having done it.



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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP: We're here to report that we've studiously shot down any Democratic bills for additional voting security.
GOP: We're also purging Democratic voters in states that might have a close voting result.
GOP: We're closing our eyes and allowing Russia to interefere in the election process.
GOP: And our pal Zuckerberg is allowing Russian trolls to flood Facebook with disinformation about your opponents.
Trump: Why bother? I'm so popular that I can't lose? Right?
GOP: Uh…. riiiiiiiight.

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